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The Steps to Buying The Best Home Sewage Treatment System

  1. Phone Taylex™ on 1300 660 225

  2. A Taylex™ team member will answer all of your questions and provide you with a planned wastewater solution.

  3. Taylex™ will arrange for a Wastewater Report or LCA (Land Capability Assessment) if required.

  4. Your Taylex™ consultant will undertake a site visit and a provide a written quote for your installation.

  5. A Council Application can then be lodged and Taylex™ will assist with this formality.

  6. When your order is placed your Taylex™ Distributor will arrange to excavate the tank hole for you, if required.

  7. Taylex™ then delivers the tank and installs or has the irrigation installed for you.

  8. The Taylex™ system is then commissioned and all of your wastewater will be treated ready for irrigation.



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