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Taylex™ Quality Assurance Program


Taylex™ maintains an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance program for both our concrete and plastic manufacturing processes. This ensures compliance with all of our Australian Standards Product Certifications under AS/NZS1546: 2008 and AS/NZS 1546.3:2008, which is compulsory under all State and Territory Legislation.

These programs are audited annually by an accredited, independent certifying company. The Taylex audit process, which we perform on a daily and weekly basis, has been designed to ensure Taylex continually complies with all the relevant conditions of our certifications.

This process, briefly, includes:

  • Ensuring tanks are manufactured in accordance with the standard manufacturing procedures.
  • Identifying and recording every tank that is made by dates and serial numbers.
  • Recording the staff member who made every part of the tank assembly, from its moulding to fit- out.
  • Ensuring that all out-sourced products, i.e. concrete, steel mesh, plastic, fittings etc. are supplied from companies that have a Quality Assurance program in place.
  • Keeping accurate records on our database,of every tank that is manufactured, the dates the component parts are fitted, which distributor on-sold it, who bought it, where it went, the warranty period etc.
  • Recording detailed Service Histories of the Home Sewage Treatment Systems either by Taylex, or its distributors.



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