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Plastic Rainwater Tanks     

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 Not all Plastic Tanks are Created Equally

Taylex has built over 10,000 plastic rainwater tanks and we have never had a structural failure.

“We build ‘em tough”

The plastic tank industry, over the last few years, has undergone massive changes. There were a lot of people who saw the opportunity to make a quick dollar from making plastic tanks. Unfortunately most of these people did not know what they were doing which is the reason there are so many failing tanks at the moment.

When looking to purchase a tank, please be aware that the cheapest tank may not be the best quality. A tank should last 20+ years.  

Taylex would recommend that these are some of the questions you should be asking.

ticksHas the company been around for a long time?
Will they be around long enough to fix any problems that may arise in 5 to 10 years time?

ticksWhat is the weight of the tank?
Generally the heavier the tank, the longer it will last. (with the exclusion of the slimline range of tanks).

tickIs the plastic used to produce the tanks coming from a supplier with a Quality Assurance Program?

Slimline Range

Taylex will not produce a slimline tank with holes through the middle, or with steel reinforcement to support the tank. Both of these designs are flawed.

We have come up with a clever way to produce slimlines that are light, easy to position, cost effective and extremely strong.

Both the 'House Huggers' and the 'Fat Boys' are a modular system that can be added to, to suit your requirements.

Each Fat Boy tank is 1,250 Litres. If you required 5,000 Litres capacity you would need  4 x 1,250 Litre Fat Boys.    

Each House Hugger is 500 Litres. If you require 2,000 Litres of storage, you would need 4 x 500Lt House Huggers

arrowFat Boys - Enlarged Image
arrowHouse Hugger - Enlarged Image

Round Tank Range
arrow10,000 Litre Round tank - 200kg


Please don’t get confused by people claiming to give 20-30 or even 50 years warranty on plastic tanks.

It’s simple… all the plastic tank companies who supply the raw plastic powder to companies like ours
only give a 10 year warranty. How then could we turn around and offer more than 10 years??
Apart from that, how many companies are still owned by the same Directors after 20 years??

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