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Grease Traps


Taylex is in the process of designing a series of concrete and plastic grease traps.

It is our intention to use our existing tank range which will make our Grease Traps very, very price competitive.

Taylex manufactures a series of 5 chambered tanks that will make excellent grease traps.

These Taylex Grease Traps will be very cost effective because we mass produce thousands of these tanks for other purposes each year.
Taylex makes thousands of these tanks every year.                    

These tanks come in 2 sizes

Tank 1 - > 8 100 litres.
This tank has a total water volume on 7,100 litres.
Tank 2 - > 22 000 litres.
This tank has a total water volume of 18,000 litres.

These tanks come in both concrete and plastic. (Plastic tank volumes are slightly different to the concrete tank)

All of these tanks are made as a monolithic tank with inbuilt walls for all five chambers. The walls protrude to the top of the tank, this eliminating cross
contamination issues.

These tanks are unbelievably strong and any or all chambers can be emptied if required. The concrete tanks come with a two tonne point load limit but lids can be designed to carry more weight if required.

Alistair is one of the directors of Taylex, he heads up our research and development program. He would love to hear any thoughts or ideas on what you would like to see in a grease trap or even if you would like to discuss a price, he would be happy to talk to you. His contact details are (07) 3441 5200 or

Taylex Z100 and Z150 Grease Arresters
are no longer available.

Black tank lids and red lid locks may still
be in stock. Please contact us.



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