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Taylex Filters


Taylex produces 3 styles of filters for the sewage market

These filters are;

Taylex TFS           (Taylex Filter Septic)
Taylex TFG          (Taylex Filter Grease)
Taylex TFR           (Taylex Filter Residential)


The TFS Filter  (Taylex Filter Septic)

This filter is designed to stop sewage and other objects from travelling from one chamber to another or from the final discharge chamber to the irrigation area.

This filter will dramatically extend the life of the irrigation areas as it stops most of the solid particles from leaving the tank.

Both the TFS and the TFG filters are robust and large in size.

These filters can be fitted to a septic tank or treatment system.


The TFG  (Taylex Filter Grease)
The TFG filter has the same physical dimensions as the TFS (Taylex Filter Septic), the primary difference being the spacings between the platelettes. 
The TFG has a spacing of .9mm between the platelettes and the TFS has a spacing of 1.2mm between the platelettes.

The smaller size helps to filter out not only the solid particles but also fats and grease.


The TFR (Taylex Filter Residential)

This filter has ben designed to fit into existing septic tanks to extend the trench and irrigation fields life span.

This filter fits down the outlet inspection pipe.










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How to fit a Taylex TFG, TFS Filter

A taylex reducing cone is required where a T.F.G or T.F.S filter is installed further than 100mm from the wall of a septic tank.

The 100mm tee location will represent half way between the floor of the tank and the outlet.

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